The Beginning

So I’ve decided to start a blog on my quilting. I started by using Evernote in the hope that it’s easy to post from my phone where all my photos are stored. I didn’t want to make it difficult for me to post, so as I take a photo, I could put it in Evernote and published to – very experimental. However, I have had some issues so have changed to WordPress which I used many years ago and found a bit tiresome, so I’m giving it another chance! Anyway – more about my reason for blogging.
I started quilting in earnest as I graduated into full retirement. I’d sewn from a young teenager having an inspirational teacher at school. At that stage, I was making all my own clothes and as I got older and had a family of my own, made clothes for my daughters. Then a career in teaching (Maths) took over, I had less and less time for sewing. However, being a Maths teacher, the geometry of patchwork always appealed and towards the end of of 1999, I started my first ‘log cabin’ ‘quilt as you go’ quilt. However, I didn’t finish that until a couple of years ago when I finally slowed down in my work and had more time, and that quilt is now proudly on our spare bed.
Since each block was made individually, when it was put together, it was already ‘quilted’!
And so my journey started – I’d never really understood the difference between ‘Patchwork’ and ‘Quilting’ but I was soon to realise that ‘Patchwork’ is the process of cutting fabrics to different shapes and then sewing them together again (a lot of people ask why we should bother to do that!), and ‘Quilting’ is the process of adding wadding and a backing to the patchwork top, and then stitching in a variety of ways to attach all three layers together. You live and learn but it’s opened up such a wonderful world for me and I’ve found, to my delight, that I just love every single stage of making a quilt. There are so many different techniques to patchwork as well as so many different techniques for the final quilting and having joined several Facebook groups as well as a local quilt group, there is a whole world out there for me to explore and learn more. I’ve become the ultimate quiltaholic, buying fabric to add to my ‘stash’ always thinking of the next project. I have so many ‘UFOs’ (Unfinished Objects) all at different stages, and where, when I was younger, I would always finish a project before I started another, I now allow myself to start new projects as I then have things at different stages and I can allow myself to choose what I work on next. It really stops me getting bored with a project.
So that’s enough about how I got started on this wonderful journey. I need to get on with some sewing now!

About VB

Blissfully retired and exploring all the possibilities of having fun!
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