Today’s sewing

Last year I found out about the Linus Project ( through a group that had been set up locally. It is a lovely group led by passionate and very helpful ladies who work tirelessly to raise funds  and provide ‘kits’ for any interested quilter to make quilts to donate to sick children. We meet once a month but in between meetings, I’ll often bring a couple of kits home to work on before the next monthly meeting. The ladies create kits that are easily put together, and so I often find they give me a welcome respite from some of my more demanding projects as I know I will be able to create a quilt top within a day or two. I can then practise my free motion quilting once the quilt sandwich has been made and this is a wonderful way of moving my learning forward but in the process, creating some very useful quilts for sick children.

I’ve just completed this quilt top today. Next steps to create the quilt sandwich using wadding and backing, and then quilt it! 


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Blissfully retired and exploring all the possibilities of having fun!
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