Which UFO shall I tackle today?

Soon after I started quilting in earnest, I found out about a Facebook group for quilters and what a great group it is. Everyone is so helpful and we are all encouraged to share progress on projects. It was through this group that I was introduced to the wonderful designs of Jaqueline de Jonge and I was immediately inspired to complete one of her designs. Last year I was delighted when I then had the opportunity to attend a workshop tutored by Jaqueline and it was there I started on her Enchanting Stars design. This is a photo of the pattern – not mine as I’m nowhere near finished.

Jaqueline de Jonge designs projects using a technique called Foundation Paper Piecing and I like to think of it as ‘quilting by numbers’. Using a printed paper pattern, fabric is sewn together by stitching along the lines  printed on the paper. Each section is numbered and although it takes a bit of getting used to, becomes a very straightforward way of assembling patchwork. In addition, this method enables really precise points in the patchwork which is sometimes difficult to achieve through normal patchwork.

So last November I attended the workshop where I learnt a great deal from Jaqueline and I was able to start on the Enchanting Stars design. There was no way it would be completed during the 2-day workshop so I knew it would become an ‘Unfinished Object’ (commonly known as UFOs in the quilting world) and that I would pick up this project when the mood took me.

I have worked on it a little since November but haven’t had the time or inclination to pick it up since my mother died since it takes a lot of concentration in cutting the pieces and keeping everything organised, but today was the day and this morning, out it came again!

I’ve only done a little today and will now work on this section (there about 8 sections and I’m on the 4th one) until it’s complete. Then I’ll probably have a rest from it and pick up another UFO.

Below is a photo of the first 3 completed sections. I’ll post a photo once I’ve completed the next section.


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