New babies!

This post is about two new babies – but don’t panic! Only one is mine – and is not human!

The first is to do with an announcement made to me by some dear friends that they are about to become first-time grandparents. Their daughter is one of my ex-pupils and through her parents, it has been a delight to be able to keep in touch with her. On hearing the wonderful news, I decided to make a baby’s play-mat and bag for the ‘mum-to-be’. I found some lovely fabric in my ‘stash’ that I’d bought during a visit to my daughter in America several years ago, and I knew it would be just right for a play-mat.

I decided, being a boring Maths teacher (retired) that I would go geometrical and make a hexagonal-shaped play-mat, made up of hexagons! Hexagons are usually sewn together by hand as it can be a bit tricky using a machine since there are 3 seams that meet at a point, but I found a helpful tutorial  online which meant I would be able to complete the play-mat BEFORE the baby arrived.

I also decided that it might be useful to make the play-mat into a ‘quillow’ which is a combination of a quilt and a pillow. By putting a pocket on the reverse, it’s possible to fold up the play-mat and push it into the pocket so that it can be used as a small cushion or pillow!

Here are some photos of the finished mat. 

In addition, I thought it would also be helpful to make a large bag to carry the play-mat and some toys, and knowing how much my friend’s daughter loves anything Japanese, I decided I’d also make her a ‘Natsu Bag‘ using the beautiful fabrics I buy from my favourite online fabric shop –  Japan Crafts. What a clever kit it is, using a 5 inch Charm Pack and just 1 metre of fabric for the lining and such a useful bag for all sorts of things.

I was thrilled to be able to give these gifts to the proud parents-to-be recently and very happy at their delighted and positive response. I hope they will be useful to them.

Now to the other ‘new baby’!

I have treated myself to an Embroidery machine! Never having had much interest in one, I happened to see a post in the Facebook quilting group about using an embroidery machine to do ‘all-over’ quilting – something I’m really keen to be able to do.  I set about doing some research and a few weeks ago, my new machine arrived! I can’t say how delighted I am with it and of course it has opened up a whole new area of sewing for me! I’m certainly no expert having only tried out a few things, but here are some examples of my ‘practice’.

Watch this space for more uses of my new baby! I just wish I had more time!


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  1. Ruth Oates says:

    Oh my gosh Val……both are fantastic, creative ideas amazingly carried out.

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